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Art has always played a significant role in my life.  I find inspiration all around but am particularly struck by nature. Painting in oils is my passion.  


My style fluctuates from abstract to impressionism to realism. When I begin a painting, I'm seldom sure what the end result will be.  Light, mood and the seasons are determinants.  The only constant is color ... sometimes quite colorful ... other times dark and mysterious. 

The ocean and forest paintings are done with brushes, though a palette knife is occasionally used for an impasto effect.  

Many of my paintings feature naked trees in unexpected places most of which are done with brushes.  Currently, I'm working on abstract scenery.  What will I paint next?  I have no idea!

Actually, I do have an idea ... I'm currently painting pet and/or animal portraits ... starting with my own cockapoo, Harlee, and my black cat, Minnie!  I've always wanted to paint pets but was intimidated.  Little did I realize, I would love the process.  All of my paintings are done in oils, a medium I've come to adore.

Painting is my personal obsession.  I devote many hours to each creation and hope you will derive as much pleasure from them as I do!

Marcia J Settipani


Of note:  many of these paintings are currently available.  The measurements are 11"x14" done in oils.  They each come with a gold frame in various designs.

If interested please email the address below.

Thank you!


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